Review Virtual Hacking Labs


Are you interested in Virtual hacking labs? Before we dive into Virtual hacking labs itself I would like to share why I did Virtual Hacking Labs. I already mentioned on the about page I just got recently interested in security. After some researching I found out about Hack The Box. Hack The Box is a website where you need to ‘hack’ yourself into a machine. Hack The Box has different difficulties; Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane. But as a newbie I strongly recommend you to start with Virtual hacking labs instead of Hack The Box because when you start with an Easy rated machine on Hack The Box you will be quickly lost. Virtual hacking labs is very newbie friendly and provides you the fundamentals. After doing some research I found out about VHL, a website that provides you a well dedicated lab with 40 + machines which are vulnerable to different vulnerabilities that are most explained in the courseware. after I have researched VHL, I showed the website my current boss and he decided to provide me VHL course + lab access.

My VHL journey

After a few hours I recieved an e-mail from VHL with my credentials. The courseware contains everything from the begining for example how to setup your kali Linux machine and how to connect to the lab environment.

VHL provides 3 type of machine’s

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Advanded +

The beginner/advanced ones includes some hints on the VHL page wich is very helpful when your stuck at a machine.

After reading some of the courseware I decided to start attack the beginner ones. After a few days I completed all the beginner machines. I was finally able to “Hack” machines all by myself wich gave me a great feeling! After all the beginner ones it was time to start with the advanced ones. Like advanced already mentions the machines are a bit harder to exploit. After being stuck for a while I found out about a Discord Channel just for VHL people. The people there are very friendly and willing to help you when your stuck. link to discord channel: note: this channel is not owned/initated by VHL .

After a while I completed all advanced ones and decided to write my report of the lab machines wich could provide me a certificate from VHL check out the VHL site for the requirements. Keep in mind that you need to earn this certificate While writing I decided to do some Advanced+ machines wich could give you a second certificate. After the first succesvol report I received my first certificate. A few days later I applied for the advanced+ sucessvol as well. Removed my name for privacy reasons:

I would love to tell you alot more about the labs but this could contain spoilers. Wich could ruin a lot for other studends so I decide not to do that.

Final Words

VHL is a great course to get the fundamentals for pentesting, in the begin of this post I said VHL is very newbie friendly wich is a good thing but VHL has also alot to offer for the more experienced “Hackers”.

This post is my own opinion and not sponsort by VHL.