HTB Walkthrough Cronos

Box summary: Cronos has been released in 2017, Cronos is rated as medium. By scanning the machine we found out that there is DNS running on the system,By querying the DNS server, we found out there is an subdomain called; admin.cronos.htb. That subdomain is vulnerable to a SQL injection bypass. After we successfully bypass the login page, we found out that there was a ping tool that is vulnerable to code execution which enables us to gain a user level system access. Since we have user level access we want to expand that to root level system access, we where… Read More

Review Virtual Hacking Labs

Intro Are you interested in Virtual hacking labs? Before we dive into Virtual hacking labs itself I would like to share why I did Virtual Hacking Labs. I already mentioned on the about page I just got recently interested in security. After some researching I found out about Hack The Box. Hack The Box is a website where you need to ‘hack’ yourself into a machine. Hack The Box has different difficulties; Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane. But as a newbie I strongly recommend you to start with Virtual hacking labs instead of Hack The Box because when you start with… Read More

Welcome to S3cWalk

First post on S3cwalk. S3cWalk is a website where we have different subjects to talk about for example: Write Ups, Reviews and Handy tricks for pentesting and my own skill development journey