Welcome on SecWalk!

SecWalk is a place where it all goes about security for example Write ups, Reviews or Handy tips and tricks for pentesting and my skill development journey


Just a dutch geek who likes technical stuff, currently employed as a sysadmin. My interest in security has started since a recent security leak that I experienced as a sysadmin myself. That day i had two choices:

1 Look away like it never happend

2 Dive into the security world

Well guess which choice I made 🙂

But Why SecWalk? There are already so many blog sites out there!

Yes, I totaly agree. I just started SecWalk so i can share my security jouney and motivate people. Also this way pushes me to make good notes of everything and makes me able to read back my own journey one some point.

And the last reason i started with this blog page:

As you probably already noticed englisch is not my native language, I also hope to develop that skill with this blog page! Feedback is always welcome.